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AFO Commercial MARS Reel - 300 Meter


Weight: 11 lbs

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Description:AFO Commercial MARS Reel - 300 Meter
Item #:AFO-0300-B-X-X

OCC is pleased to introduce the Modular Advanced Reel System (MARS), the industry's first lightweight cable deployment reel system designed specifically for the demanding needs of harsh-environment fiber optic installations. Unlike traditional metal-style reels, MARS is a lightweight, modular system constructed of an impact modified polymer that is easily transported and is ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently. In addition, the MARS system offers a variety of deployment options including optional frames, backpacks, shipping cases, and cable acquisition platforms throughout. This enables customers to meet the demands of diverse applications and uses with one modular reel and accessories platform.

The OCC MARS reel can be used with simple deployable axials ("broom sticks") or with integrated A-Frames, cable acquisition cradles, transit case systems, tripods, bumper mounts, backpacks, backpacks with fiber optic slip rings, and cartridge systems. The MARS reel itself incorporates options for fiber optic cleaning kits: flip-out handle, 30 ft. built-in divider, connector cradle design, and stackable features. All these features (with a lower weight than common reel systems) make MARS the most advanced fiber optic reeling system available in today's market!


• Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
• Mobile Tactical Shelters
• United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Military Tactical Deployments
• Broadcast
• Emergency Restoration and Deployable Communications

Product Features

  • Fabricated with impact modified polymer material which provides durability and strength while affording light weight benefits. Material also eliminates rust resulting from field operation.
  • Integrated cable payout and storage area enables operator to deploy small lengths of fiber cable without having to unspool the entire payload. Payout area does not impact cable volume.
  • Inter-locking stacking system enables reels to be stacked and interlocked during transit
  • Integrated connector storage allows multi-channel cylindrical connectors to be stored and locked in place for transit. Accommodates 0.50mm to 2.1mm diameter connectors.
  • Molded hand openings allows for easy hand transportation and deployment
  • Built-in fiber optic connector cleaning kit allows operators to maintain connectors during deployable situations
  • Lightweight retractable crank and handle system allows operators to easily rotate reel in deployment or take-up situations and store handle during transit
  • AFO-style reel can be provisioned with either 1" diameter round hole or 1" square hole



Flange Dia.

Hub Dia.



(5.5 MM OD)

(7.2 MM OD)

100 Meter




 9.5 Lbs.

100 M

75 M

300 Meter




11 Lbs.

300 M

200 M

500 Meter




 11.5 Lbs.

500 M

350 M

750 Meter




12 Lbs.

750 M

500 M

1000 Meter




13 Lbs.

1000 M

700 M

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