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Cable Managers

Cable ManagersCable routing managers organize both rear horizontal cable and front patch cords on a relay rack giving a neat installation. Flexible "fingers" allow cords to enter and exit the cable management panel as needed. Channels open for easy installation and there is Teflon in the channels that allows for smooth sliding action.

Included in this section are horizontal and vertical cable managers, as well as a Universal Wire Minder and blank spacers that fit into 19" racks.

Cable ManagersFeatured
Horizontal Cable Managers
Horizontal Cable Managers
Cable managers for standard 19" racks are available are made of high grade extruded polymers.

Vertical Cable Managers
Vertical Cable Managers
Left, right, or center mount 83" tall vertical cable managers for your relay racks.

Cable Minders
Cable Minders
Kendall Howard cable minders are used to route Cat5, fiber, Telco, or any other type of cable to routers, patch panels, and switches on your rack or cabinet to make wire management a snap.

110 Cable Management
110 Cable Management
110 Cable Management to enhance patch cord organization while maintaining bend radius.

Magnetic Wire Holders
Magnetic Wire Holders
Magnetic Wire Holders offer the best solution, to a variety of problems regarding wire and cable management across multiple industries.

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