Website Navigation Matters and We Listened!

Posted by Troy Snobecy on Oct 19th 2022

Website Navigation Matters and We Listened!

Network infrastructure is becoming more complex than ever with an ever-increasing number of connected devices in more places and data centers shifting to strategic architectures with more fiber to support faster transmission speeds in switch-to-switch and switch-to-server links. With these complexities come a wider variety of copper and fiber cable and connectivity components, active equipment, cabinets, racks, cable managers, test equipment, cable protection, power solutions, and tools needed to deploy reliable, high-performance networks in many different environments.

When it comes to selecting infrastructure components and generating a BOM for a project bid proposal, time spent locating the right product can impact your ability to bid on jobs quickly and accurately. The navigation, intuitiveness, and ability to filter on key product attributes when visiting your supplier’s website can simplify the product selection process, eliminating frustration and saving you time and money. At Cables Plus, we’ve taken that to heart and redesigned our website with a whole new look and feel that is optimized to get you to the products you need.

Clean Modern Look and Improved Navigation

When you visit the new Cables Plus website, don’t be surprised if things look at little different. We’ve modified the home page to provide easy access to educational content like our Cabling Insider Blog that lets you stay connected and on top of industry trends. From the home page, you also have quick access to new products and our most popular categories.

But our biggest change comes in the menu structure. Now when you select a main menu category—Product, Made in America, Custom Solutions, Industries, and Manufacturers—you no longer need to navigate a multitude of submenus to get to what you need. It’s all right there with the click of a button!

Easy Filtering of Product Attributes

A general rule of thumb when it comes to creating a BOM is the more detail and accuracy, the better. That’s why it always helps to make sure the plans, specs, and scope of work are clear, so you know exactly what’s expected from both a material and labor standpoint. With today’s complex networks comprised of more diverse applications, cable constructions, connector types, and environments and the need to maximize space utilization, wouldn’t it be nice to easily filter by a wide range of attributes? Well at Cables Plus USA, now you can!

Each product section on our website now features a new and improved filtering option that lets you pick from all the attributes you need—everything from cable construction, length, strand count, color, connector type, and application details for patch cables and assemblies to rack mount space, rack and cabinet size, and environment for all your supporting infrastructure solutions.

Attributes are easily selected from a series of drop down menus at the top of each page, and as you select your options, the matching products dynamically load on one page with no cumbersome page-by-page navigation. Your chosen attributes are also displayed right at the top, with the ability to easily clear individual attributes as needed. Never before has it been this easy to get to the precise product you need.

Simplified Quoting and Ordering

Our new website doesn’t just make it easy to get to the products you need. You can also sign up for our newsletter to always get the latest updates on new products and deals. By creating an account, you can also check out faster, save multiple shipping addresses, access our order history, track new orders, and even save products to a wish list.

When you’re ready to start building a BOM, each product page has all the information you need to help you win the bid—from part numbers and specs to availability and lead time. You can add products to your cart and checkout if you’re ready to make a purchase, or you can request a quote, letting you verify costs to stay on budget. And if you have any questions during the process, you can now chat with Cables Plus USA online support. Of course, our experts are also always on hand to take your call.

The good news is that Cables Plus remains your best source for networking solutions and we’re always adding new products to keep up with emerging trends and technologies. So with our new intuitive website, you can easily filter to quickly and efficiently access the solutions you need to support the increasing demand for network bandwidth, capacity, and connectivity in more places—from data centers and LANs to the outside plant and harsh, unprotected environments. Click HERE to check our new website today.

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