CyberPower Power Module 10KVA/10KW Double Conversion Online High Density 2U PF=1 for 3-Phase UPS

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CyberPower Power Module 10KVA/10KW Double Conversion Online High Density 2U PF=1 for 3-Phase UPS

List Price: $4,399.00
(You save $465.70 )
43.00 LBS
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CyberPower Power Module 10KVA/10KW Double Conversion Online High Density 2U PF=1 for 3-Phase UPS

List Price: $4,399.00
(You save $465.70 )

SM010KAPMA |Smart App Online 3-Phase Modular UPS System

  • Telecom Installations
  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Environments
  • Healthcare IT Equipment
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Server Rooms
  • Patient-Care Vicinities

Product Overview

CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS SM010KAPMA Power Modules are ultra-robust units capable of handling brief overcurrents of up to 150%. Indicator lights show status of each Power Module and the high-density design puts 10KVA of power in just 2U of space. Includes a One-Year Limited Warranty. For CyberPower 3-Phase Modular UPS Smart App Online Series models SM020KAMFA, SM040KAMFA.

Product Features

Double-Conversion Topology
Provides consistent, clean, and nearly perfect power, regardless of the condition of the incoming power. Never a need to switch to battery as DC power operates 100% of the time. Designed for high-end system components, corporate servers, lab equipment, and other sensitive electronic devices.

Sine Wave Output
Keeps sensitive equipment with Active PFC working by preventing unnecessary shutdowns caused by gaps from simulated sine waves.

Generator Compatible
Ensures a stable sine wave output (free of harmonics and distortion) without switching to battery mode when running on generator input power.

Converter Mode
Provides the flexibility to set the output frequency, regardless of the input frequency, to match connected equipment by selecting 50Hz or 60Hz output on the LCD control panel.

One-Year Warranty
CyberPower will repair or replace a defective UPS system (including batteries) within one year of your 3-Phase Modular UPS installation. See warranty for details.


Power Module (N+1) – Ensures power continuity with an additional redundant power module option configuration. If a module fails, the rest of the modules take over to guarantee power needs are met.

UPS System (N+N) – Ensures uninterrupted system operation with a mirrored parallel system configuration and capability to fully take over connected power needs should either system go offline for any reason.

Scalable / Modular Design

Depending on the model selected, the system can be scalable from 10-20kVA or 10-40kVA to meet current and future power needs within the same footprint. N+N parallel system power up to 80kVA capability.

Highly configurable system can be adapted to different site needs. UPS and battery cabinets can be assembled as a tower stack, side-by-side, or within a rack. Power and battery modules are compact and designed for rapid assembly or removal.

High-Density Power Modules

Compact 2U Design (3.3″ height) for easy installation and service. Compact footprint allows for an efficient cabinet design. Getting more power in less space will become critical as growing data centers confront physical space limitations.

User Interface LCD Color Touch Screen

Intuitive LCD touch display control provides four main display windows; Main Menu, System Information, Power Path, and Warning Messages. The operator can control the UPS, check all measured parameters for UPS and battery status, plus monitor event and history logs.

Smart Battery Management

Smart Battery Management (SBM) improves and extends the functional life of a UPS battery and reduces excessive heat during work cycles by using a three-cycle charging process.



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