EASYGET 2 Portable Fiber End-face Visual Inspector

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Easyget 2 is a portable type of fiber endface inspector. By magnifying 200~400 time of the objects, you can identity defects and scratches on the endface of connectors. It is your the best choice for endface inspection. There are also all kinds of tips which make Easyget to meet different requirements on inspecting.

There are many tip variants which make Easyget simple to meet different requirements on inspecting.

Longer Life, Better Image Quality

We have improved the structure of Easyget in order to provide longer life. The entire microscope has a sealed structure that will keep the optical component clean even in harsh environments.

Stable and Durable Connection

Easyget uses aviation grade electrical plugs instead of a USB connector compared to the previous version. The image of Easyget will stay clean and stable even in harsh environments.

New Data Acquisition Card and Software

The new acquisition card is compatible with more operating systems and has higher image quality. The image capture software has more functions such as auto brightness, auto analysis (optional). Easyget is able to connect to desktop monitor as well (optional conversion cable needed).

All Connector Inspections including MT

Easyget compatible with many different types of tips to inspect connectors, transceiver modules (SFP, QSFP) and optical components (TOSA, ROSA). We have designed new MT adaptors that are able to inspect MPO and MTP products such as connectors in adaptors, 40G/100G modules and so on. Easyget is suitable for maintaining the high density data center of the next generation.

Item Parameters
Magnification 400X or 200X
Adapters Included SC-Female, LC-Female, FC-Female, 2.5mm Ferrule Universal, 1.25mm Ferrule Universal
Output Format PAL
Power Consumption 3W
Portable Monitor 3.5" TFT
Operation Temperature -10~50℃
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Power Supply Rechargeable 12V battery or DC IN
Life time after charge 8h
Size Microscope 23mm*160mm


Model Display size of 125um fiber core at 8" monitor Range of sight at 8" monitor Display size of 125umfiber core at 3.5" monitor Range of sight at 3.5" monitor Resolution
Easyget 200 Φ44 mm 340.9~454.5um Φ20 mm 312.5~425um 2.5um
Easyget 400 Φ58 mm


Φ26 mm 240~327um 1.5um

Note: Monitors are NOT included.