FASTCHECK Fiber Endface Inspector

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FASTCHECK Fiber Endface Inspector

List Price: $6,500.00
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30302900001 - FASTCHECK Fiber Endface Inspector

FASTCHECK Fiber Endface Inspector

List Price: $6,500.00
(You save $287.20 )

FastCheck Fully Automatic Fiber Endface Inspector

  • Small Volume
  • Automatic Exposure
  • Automatic Focusing
  • Workable with Offsoon Mark III cleaner
  • Indicator light shows working condition

FastCheck is an intelligent face detector dimension new technology research and development, mainly for the components and modules for face detection; automatic centering, automatic focusing, automatic exposure function is introduced, which can automatically detect the FastGet assembly module.

FastCheck is also equipped with an extension of the IO interface, to be able to cooperate with the use of a variety of our company; and even to build a dedicated end face detection, cleaning system.

Included Items:

  • Fastcheck mainbody
  • SC Transceiver Adaptor
  • LC Transceiver Adaptor
  • 1.25/PC Universal Adaptor
  • 2.5/PC Universal Adaptor
  • DC 24V Power Adaptor
  • Data Cable
  • Software
  • Manual

Automatic Analysis

With function of auto center, focus and exposure, Fastcheck can inspect the endface on adaptors and modules automatically.


Excellent IO Interface
Fastcheck has a separate IO interface, which can realize remote triggering measurement and transmit the results, also can make the cooperation with other devices.

Excellent Extended Function
Equipped with side bracket, Fastcheck can link with the handle of Offsoon Mark III cleaner and fiber optic endface inspector to integrate and work together.

Automatic Reporting

Fastcheck can generate data and reports in Excel format for each measurement automatically, which can make each inspection easy to record and traceable to make the quality control, management and analysis.




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