Fiber Optic Portable Test System

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Fiber Optic Portable Test System

List Price: $50,500.00
(You save $2,000.00 )
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Fiber Optic Portable Test System

Fiber Optic Portable Test System

List Price: $50,500.00
(You save $2,000.00 )

Reliability Test System

  • Platform + module design,multi-application and scalable
  • Portable one-stop test system
  • Real-time measurement and long-time stability monitoring
  • Insertion loss and return loss are monitored simultaneously
  • Low measurement error and high stability
  • Supports multi-channel simultaneous testing up to 128ch

Dimension's reliability test system can be assembled with different modules according to the needs. It is suitable for optical performance testing, environmental stability testing, and aging experiment testing of various existing optical passive devices on the market.

In order to make up for the shortcomings of traditional equipment that can only be tested at fixed locations, the system adopts the style of a trolley suitcase, and integrates the test equipment and the PC for processing data inside the box.There is no need to worry about the untimely data processing and information collection, and it can be moved and complete the entire test task independently.It is truly prepared for the field, and has great advantages in the field of manufacturing testing.

Main Applications:

  • Comply with various standards:GR-326-CORE, GR-1435- CORE, GR-910-CORE, GR-1209-CORE,  GR-2866-CORE, Verizon FOC
  • Optical Performance Testing of Optical Passive Devices
  • Long-term stability test

Platform + module design, multi-application and scalable

The 11-slot OMEGA universal optical test platform is compatible with various functional test modules including the RLM series insertion and return loss test modules,hot Plug-pull, programmable, highly scalable, easy to maintain and manage, and low in overall cost. Support network, USB, physical button control,it also integrates modules such as optical switches, highly stable light sources, and high-precision optical power meters to achieve reliability testing of passive devices.


Portable one-stop test system

In the style of a trolley suitcase, the test equipment and the PC for processing data are integrated inside the box. The equipment can be moved and can complete the entire test task independently.


High device integration, one system can complete all kinds of tests

Different from traditional testing methods, Dimension's reliability test system integrates the insertion and return loss test module, optical switch module, and light source to complete the one-time measurement of insertion and return loss, and can formulate relevant solutions for different environments.




Testing for IL: Smaller Errors, Greater Stability

Use higher power and stable SLS light source, and perform light splitting through PLC to meet multi-channel simultaneous testing. Avoid the interference of external optical switching on the stability and uniformity of the test, and use the test link with higher stability to complete the single-to-single high-precision insertion loss stability test.



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