Fiber Checker MPO 12 Visible Light Source



2.00 LBS

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The MPO Visible Light Source is a useful tool designed for checking individual/all fiber ports or checking the defects of an MPO/MTP arrayed fiber cable. It emits a visible 650nm wavelenght visible red laser light through fiber optic cables, then breaks or defects in the fiber will refract the light creating a bright glow around the faulty area. The LD output signal cab be switched to CW Mode to obtain different visual effects.

  • Visible Light Source for MPO/MTP assemblies
  • 650nm Wavelength
  • Usage for Singlemode or Multimode fiber
  • Output power: 0.4mW @ 25c
  • CW/Pulse mode
  • Internal Battery - Chargeable by USB connection
  • Shoot light in all 12 fibers at once or selected individual fibers
  • Highly effective power circuits designed for stable laser power

Product Features


Laser Class Class 2M
Wavelength 650nm
Spectral Width < 10nm
Output Power < 0.4mW
Emitting Range Visibility up to 1Km
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Storage Temperature 0-70°C