32 Fiber MPO/MTP Visual Cable Verifier

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32 Fiber MPO/MTP Visual Cable Verifier

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KI-TK832 - KI-TK832 32 Fiber MPO/MTP Visual Cable Verifier

32 Fiber MPO/MTP Visual Cable Verifier

List Price: $5,311.32
(You save $292.12 )

32 Fiber MPO/MTP Visual Cable Verifier

Kingfisher's unique and innovate MPO Visual Cable Verifier Kit is a quick, versatile and inexpensive way to check out overall MPO cable installations and patch leads for polarity and continuity. Just connect the source, and view the far end with the microscope to observe the repeating color pattern at the far end. The colour sequence indicates the connection type. While doing this, the user can also check if the overall connector end is clean. This solution is inexpensive and easily scalable to any number of fibers. (a 12 fiber connector is shown in the illustration)

Typical applications

Quick visual check of MPO patch leads for polarity, continuity, and overall end face condition.

  • Quickly verify the A, B, C, D status & end face of MPO patch leads.
  • Quickly verify polarity & continuity of installed MPO links, 1 Km range.
  • Quickly check & clean the entire connector end-face & pins.
  • A single solution for 16 & 32 fiber connectors.
  • Both SM & MM fiber.
  • Generally meets current regulations & best practice for eye safety.

Connector & battery summary

  • Source accepts MPO/MTP-16, -32 connectors, SM & MM.
  • Microscope accepts MPO/MTP-16, -32 connectors, SM & MM.
  • Source 2 x AA alkaline. Run time >80 hours. Micro USB pwr /charging.
  • Microscope 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hr. Micro-USB power.

Test Equipment Details

The kit case has space for any two KI2000 style instruments, any three KI9000 style instruments, VFL pen, microscope, batteries, adapters, manuals, test mandrels, power packs, leads and cleaning materials. We gladly adjust kit contents to meet your exact needs.


KI28832 Light Source, MPO-16 & MPO-32 fiber output connectors. With standard accessories: quick reference guide, user manual, conformance certificate.

Connector Inspection Microscope

FiberSafe microscope x40 KI6608 with standard accessories: 2.5 mm universal PC polish connector adaptor, batteries, user manual, conformance certificate.
OPT674 Option, Scope adaptor MPO/MTP™ 16 x n ribbon
Optional video adapter OPT684 can capture images on a computer via a USB port.
Other styles of connector adapters are available.

Connector & Battery Summary

The light source is compatible with MPO/MTP-16, -32 connectors, SM & MM.
The microscope is compatible with MPO/MTP-16, -32 connectors, SM & MM.
The light source uses 2 x AA alkaline or NiMH batteries with external micro USB power. A jumper can set up on-board charging. Run time is 70 hours.
The microscope uses 1 x AAA battery with long life and external micro USB power.

Kit Case & Contents (OPT154B-case)

  • Highly cushioned and convenient carry case, sturdily constructed of durable custom molded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper and separator, carry strap.
  • The semi-rigid case construction is comfortable to use, avoids damaging other objects, and it's compartment layout helps avoid leaving items on-site.

Cleaning materials

  • Stick-Type, MPO Connector Cleaner, 10-stick Pack
  • Optional MPO/MTP reel cleaner OPT401

Part Number Listing

  • KI6608 Instrument, Microscope Optical 40x, 2.5 mm Univ
  • KI28832 Instrument, Source MPO-32 Visual Cable Verifier Source
  • OPT674 Option, Scope Adaptor MPO/MTP 16, 32
  • TOOL CLEAN-05B Stick-Type, MPO Connector Cleaner
  • OPT154B-CASE Option, Carry Case, KI2x / KI9x, case only


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