Fiber Optic (VFL) Visual Fault Locator for 1.25mm LC Connectors; 8km



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The MT-7509 fiber optic visual fault locator is an indispensable tool for quickly identifying bending losses and breaks in optical fibers. if a fiber is bent too tightly, red laser light will be seen escaping through the jacket. Likewise, if a fiber is broken, escaping light will be visible where the break is located.

Ceramic connectors are easily tested using the MT-7509 fiber optic visual fault locator. A fiber broken inside, or past, the ferrule will cause it to glow. If the whole connector glows, it is definetely defective. If the end face polish of the connector is bad, light will be reflected internally. This will also make the ferrule glow when the MT-7509 is used.

Product Features

  • Handy, pocket pen design
  • Laser output is class 3A (around 3~5 milliwatt)
  • Maximum opereration distance is 8 km
  • Simple, versatile, and user-friendly design
  • Rugged, compact, and splash proof copper housing
  • Continuous wave output mode (CW) for steady fault illumination
  • Pulse mode helps to locate faults under high ambient light conditions
  • Supports 1.25mm LC Connector
  • The button switch permits easy one handed operation
  • Two AAA-size alkaline batteries provide 50 hours of continuous operation.


  • Laser class: Class 3a laser diode
  • Nominal wavelength: 650nm
  • Power output: >0.5mW
  • Connector interface: 1.25mm LC fiber optic connectors
  • Operating temp.: 0°C - 40%deg;C