Rip-Tie Lite Plenum Screw Mount, .675" x 8"



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Fire Retardant Rip-Tie Lite Screw Mount

The Plenum-Rated Rip-Tie Lite .675" x 8" Screw Mount, is a fire-retardant Rip-Tie Lite screw mount that is useable in spaces defined as air plenums such as raised flooring systems and air handling ducts. Enjoy maximum flexibility with this item, and take full advantage of Rip-Tie Lite strength and reliability with more storage options thanks to the screw mount, which features a larger head and a perforated X for driving a screw. This tie allows for at least 200 re-fastenings, and is perfect for use in the home, office, and especially in large cabling facilities.

Plenum-Rated Rip-Tie Lite Screw Mount .675" x 8" Features

  • Available in black and cranberry colors
  • Ties are .675" wide, 8" long
  • Comes in various quantities. Choose from a 10-pack, one roll of 25, 10 rolls of 10, or a spool of 675 ties.