HD8² Patch Cable, MTP® Elite/APC Connector w/ Pull Tab, OM4 MM 50/125 Micron, 16 Fiber

HD8² Patch Cable, MTP® Elite/APC Connector w/ Pull Tab, OM4 MM 50/125 Micron, 16 Fiber

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MTP/APC Elite Cable, MM 50/125 Micron, 16 Fiber OM4 Fiber Optic Patch Cable

HD8² Patch Cable, MTP® Elite/APC Connector w/ Pull Tab, OM4 MM 50/125 Micron, 16 Fiber

List Price: $182.79
(You save $60.93 )

HD8² Patch Cable, MTP® Elite/APC Connector w/ Pull Tab, OM4 MM 50/125 Micron, 16 Fiber

List Price: $182.79
(You save $60.93 )

MTP® Elite to MTP® Elite OM4 Multimode 50/125 Micron BIF Bend Insensitive Fiber

The MTP® 16 Elite connector is one of the newest additions to the US Conec MTP® brand MPO product family. This state-of-the-art connector brings simplified use to the MPO format by offering optimal field flexibility and enhanced performance, all while leveraging the proven features and technology of US Conec’s MTP® connectors.

The new MT-16 ferrule is developed to support next generation high speed link applications using transmission protocols, which require enhanced return loss performance. Emerging multimode link designs using pulse-amplitude modulation are susceptible to multipath interference issues requiring return loss performance beyond industry norms. The enhanced return loss requirements are unattainable with traditional physical contact multimode connector designs. The new multimode MT Elite® MT-16 ferrule is compatible with US Conec’s TIA-604-18 compliant MTP®-16 connector product family.

In today’s High Density Data Center environments managers are taking advantage of the most innovative fiber optic technology to date. The HD8² 2.0mm MTP Elite Low Loss brand multi-fiber MPO cables accomplish more with less cable clutter.

The MTP Elite brand connector is an improved version of the MPO style connector, offering features that benefit the user to get the best possible connection, including a removable housing for reworking the ferrule or changing the connector gender post-assembly.

Other features such as the patented ferrule float and stainless steel guide pin tips (available on male versions) help offer greater durability and accuracy. With this 16-strand fiber optic cable, you can perform an array of functions at a fraction of the space used by standard connector cables.

Each cable is assembled in-house our local facility, and tested for interferometry and insertion loss, so enjoy the American-made quality and high performance that LightWave cables provide.

LightWave brand MTP Cables are fully compliant with the guidelines of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), and are approved for United States Government use.

Choose Your Gender

Female to Female - MTP/MPO (No Pin) to MTP/MPO (No Pin)

Female to Male - MTP/MPO (No Pin) to MTP/MPO (With Pin)

Male To - - MTP/MPO (With Pin) to MTP/MPO (With Pin)

Choose Your Polarity

Type A - Straight: Straight-through polarity is typically for connecting patch panels. They are wired in a mirrored configuration, going from Pin 1 on one connector end to Pin 1 on the opposite end, etc.

Type B - Rollover: Rollover polarity is used primarily for connecting to switches and transceivers in 40Gb applications. In a 12-strand rollover polarity, the cable is wired from Pin 1 on one connector end to Pin 12 on the opposite end. Then 2 to 11, and so forth.

Type C - Flipped: Pair-Flipped polarity is the most commonly used polarity type for this cable, and typically used in cassette-to-cassette applications. Pin 1 on one end goes to Pin 2 on the opposite end, and 2 to 1, 3 to 4, 4 to 3, and so on. This is the default polarity option, but you can select your desired polarity from our drop-down menu above.

MTP Elite 16-Strand Fiber Cable Features

  • Space-saving 16 fibers in a single connector
  • 3.0mm Plenum Rated Jacket
  • High density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms
  • Easy installation and removal with push-pull Tab
  • Compact design for high fiber-count applications with space limitations


  • Simplex 3.0mm cable
  • 50/125um OM4 Glass - Bend Insensitve Fiber fiber
  • Plenum-Rated OFNP Aqua Jacket
  • 16-Fiber count
  • Nominal Diameter: 3.0mm
  • 400G SR8 (8X50G) 16 Fiber
  • Bend Radius: 1.8in (Installation), 1.2in (Long-term)
Connector Side A
MTP/APC Elite Low Loss 16 Fiber Connector Side B
MTP/APC Elite Low Loss 16 Fiber  
Ferrule Type Side A

Ferrule Type Side A

Insertion Loss Maximum Side A
≤0.35dB Insertion Loss Maximum Side B
Insertion Loss Typical
0.10dB Insertion Loss Typical
Return Loss ≥20dB Return Loss ≥20dB  
==================== ==================
Cable Type
OM4 50/125μm Wavelength 850/1300nm  
Fiber Count 16 Fiber Grade Corning ClearCurve Glass  
Polarity Available In (Type A,B&C) Cable Outer Diameter 3.0mm  
Cable Jacket OFNP Plenum Sub Unit Outer Diameter N/A  
Bend Radius, No Load
10x cable overall diameter Bend Radius, Load
15x cable overall diameter  
==================== ==================
40 GbE Distance Max. 100 GbE Distance Max. 40G-SWDM4 100G-SWDM4  
150 Meters 150 Meter 400 Meter 100 Meter  
Operating Temperature 0° to 70°C (32° to 158°F) Storage Temperature -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F)  
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