HD8² Rack Mount Enclosure, 1RMS Frame, 12 Cassette Chassis, With Front Panel & Tray, Black



6.30 LBS

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The HD8² chassis is 19 inches wide, 1U space high (1.75 inches), and will hold up to 12 cassettes. The magnetic cable management and labeling ID tags make it a breeze to set up and manage.

Each chassis includes a face frame base, a faceplate, spacer guides, movable MagDaddy® wire management, and magnetic label identification tags. The face plate includes alignment slots that work in conjunction with the cassettes alignment tabs used for vertical alignment. The spacer guides work for Horizontal alignment. The face frame base provides a cable management tray and locking tabs to hold the cassette into position after installation. There are also 2U and 4U chassis available.

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