Hybrid Access Control Cable, Shielded, Plenum Rated Yellow Jacket, 1000'



102.00 LBS

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An access control system is an integration of hardware, software, and management tools that electronically monitor and control access through door, gates, elevators, and many other entry points. Access control systems are found virtually everywhere. They can be found in Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Banks, Prisons, Military facilities, Social Clubs, Residential Complexes, Libraries, Factories, and many other places where access security is a premium.

The Access Control Systems of today are becoming more sophisticated. Many other security applications are being integrated with the Access control system to make it a complete security system. Some security systems being integrated are CCTV, Intrusion Detection, HVAC, Time & Attendance Reporting.

Cable Specifications

  • 18/4C Shielded
  • 22/3PR Shielded
  • 22/2C Shielded
  • 22/4C Shielded


  • Reduce lead time and minimum order quantities with a large standard offering, including spline, AWG and shielding options.
  • Eliminate guesswork and reduce waste with sequential footage markings that tell installers how much cable is left on the reel.
  • Reduce installation errors and rework time with color coded cables that allow for easy and instant application identification.
  • Breakout versatility is assured since the individual cables can be connected to the junction box or can be rerouted to the point of termination.