MTP-LC 10Gb Multimode 50/125 OM3 Fiber Optic Cable - 72 Strand



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Made in the USAThe LightWave MTP-LC, 10Gb Multimode OM3, 72-Strand Fiber Optic Cable has a compact design perfect for high density connections in the telecommunications room that require top-notch performance and quick, easy installation using a simple push-pull latching mechanism.

While the same size as an SC connector, the MTP® connector can hold 12 fibers, which immediately provides you with a significant upgrade in space density. Another upside to the MTP brand connector, in comparison to the SC and other standard connectors, is its performance with regards to return loss, which is considerably lower than its counterparts.

This cable connects six female MTP brand MPO-style connectors on one end to 72 LC connectors in duplex configuration on the other end. Using 50/125 OM3 multimode fiber optics, this cable allows you to transfer data over a 10Gbps link a distance of up to 300 meters at an 850nm.

TAA CompliantThis cable is made in-house at our Richmond, VA facility and is manufactured and terminated for the best possible performance. Every product is individually tested to make sure you receive the highest possible quality and the results of each test are included with the product.

LightWave brand MTP Cables are fully compliant with the guidelines of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), and are approved for United States Government use.

The MTP® - MPO difference

MTP brand connector is an improvement on the MPO style in a few key areas. For example, the MTP brand connector has removable housing, allowing the customer to re-polish the MT ferrule and change the gender of the connector after assembly. Also, the MTP brand connector spring design maximizes ribbon clearance in order to prevent fiber damage.


  • Compact design accommodates high fiber-count, limited space demands
  • Easy connector insertion and removal


  • AFL brand Sub-unitized Premise MicroCore® 50/125µm OM3 glass fiber
  • Plenum-rated aqua jacket
  • 72-Fiber count
  • Nominal Diameter: 11.1mm
  • Bend Radius: 6.6in (Installation), 4.4in (Long-term)

Optical Characteristics

Optical Characteristics 50/125 OM3
Maximum Finished Cable Attenuation Coefficient @850nm 3.0 dB/km
@1300nm 1.0 dB/km
Overfill Launch Bandwidth @850nm 1500
@1300nm 500
Laser Bandwidth @850 2000
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (1 Gbps) 1000 BASE-SX (850nm) 1000 Meters
1000 BASE-SX (1300nm) 550 Meters
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (10 Gbps) 1000 BASE-SX (1300nm) 300 Meters

Each cable order includes:

  • Hard copy of test results for each cable
  • CD with digital copy of test results for each cable
  • "Peel & Place" Fiber Optic Selection Guide
  • Logo Sticker

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.