Kingfisher KI2700 Series Optical Loss Test Sets

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The Kingfisher KI 2700 Hand Held Loss Test Meter is a premium instrument used to test power, loss, continuity and faults on fiber optic systems. In a slim and attractive package, it provides a combined light source and optical power meter with superior accuracy, flexibility and productivity.

  • Easy to use, rugged & versatile
  • Long battery life with micro USB external power / charger
  • Large clear LCD is sunlight readable & backlit
  • Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail
  • Power meter works with SC / LC duplex using universal adaptors
  • Autotest & Multi-Fiber ID Tone
  • Large memory with text, timestamp and KITS Software
  • One button memory dump to USB key
  • Up to 6 LED & laser test sources according to requirements
  • Unique and useful VisiTest VFL option
  • 3 year warranty and calibration cycle
  • Matching Test Kits

Product Features

Standard options:

  • 2700 LED & Laser Loss Test Set for both single mode & multimode fiber
  • 2700 Laser Loss Test Set for single mode fiber
  • 2700 LED Loss Test Set for multimode fiber
  • 2300 Zero Warm-up Loss Test Set for precision single mode fiber
  • VisiTest novel VFL included in test signal

Special orders are available for calibrations at 600 - 1700 nm, +33 to -70 dBm range, small and large core fiber, ribbon fiber, 1 - 6 LEDs / lasers at any CWDM wavelengths, 1625 nm, 1650 nm, VFL etc. Please enquire.


Model Description
KI27010-InGaAs-APC Instrument, LTS 1310-1550-1625 nm APC, InGaAs
KI2703-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, Ge
KI2722-InGaAs Instrument, LTS 1310-1550 nm, InGaAs
KI2724-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm, Ge
KI2724-Ge-APC Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm APC, Ge
KI2727-InGaAs-APC Instrument, LTS 1310-1490-1550 nm, APC, InGaAs
KI27627-InGaAs-APC Instrument, LTS 1310-1490-1550 nm, VisiTest, APC, InGaAs
KI27603-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, VisiTest, Ge
KI27610-InGaAs-APC Instrument, LTS 1310-1550-1625 nm, VisiTest APC, InGaAs
KI27622-InGaAs Instrument, LTS 1310-1550 nm, VisiTest, InGaAs
KI27624-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm, VisiTest, Ge
KI27624-Ge-APC Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, 1310-1550 nm, VisiTest, APC, Ge
KI27634-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm LED + VisiTest, 1310-1550 nm Laser + VisiTest, Ge Meter
KI27703-Ge Instrument, LTS 850-1300 nm, 650nm VFL, Ge