Kingfisher KI6608 Optical Microscope 40x, 2.5mm Universal

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Kingfisher KI6608 Optical Microscope 40x, 2.5mm Universal

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KI6608 Fibersafe Microscope

Kingfisher KI6608 Optical Microscope 40x, 2.5mm Universal

List Price: $901.64
(You save $21.19 )


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The perfect tool for checking unmated fiber optic connectors for dirt, end face quality and patch lead continuity. High quality construction & helpful features will improve the performance of all technical staff in portable or desktop applications. 40x magnification is ideal for inspecting POF and MPO/ MT ferrule full end-face, meeting the requirements of IEC 61300-3-35:2022 for an MPO LFOV (Large Field Of View) Microscope.  

  • Best image quality & ease of use
  • 40x magnification for POF and multi-fiber inspection
  • Greatly improved eye safety: Class 3B laser eye safety
  • Easy focus & image centering
  • Long alkaline battery life or external power
  • Stabilized illumination with timer
  • Lanyard and tripod mounts
  • Coaxial, oblique or core illumination
  • QA report with ISO 9001 traceable eye safety test
  • Video capture option using digital eyepiece option OPT684
  • Optional alternative Eyepiece for x80 magnification, option OPT691

Range of fiber connector adapters available 


KI6608 specifications
Optical magnification 40x
Resolving power 3.10 µm
Max viewable area diameter 5 mm
General FiberSafe Microscope KI 6610 Series specifications
Max eye safety input limit (IEC60825-2 Ed.3.1) 20 dBm (@ 635 ~ 800 nm) / 30 dBm (@ 800 ~1650 nm)
Illumination modes Coaxial, oblique, core
Damage level 30 dBm
Power Battery / External power via USB
Battery 1x AAA (LR03) Alkaline
Battery life 300 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6608 & KI6610) / 75 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6611)
Auto off When powered by battery
Size 184.4 mm x 49.3 mm
Unit weight 0.21 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 kg
Illuminating LED's life 100,000 hours
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55°C / -25 to 70°C
Eyepiece Mount 23.2 mm diameter push-in (standard mount)
Fiber Adaptor Mount 1-1/2" UN 28 TPI 2A Thread
Relative humidity 95%
Warranty 3 years
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