Kingfisher KI6610 Optical Microscope 200x, 2.5mm Universal

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Kingfisher KI6610 Optical Microscope 200x, 2.5mm Universal

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KI6610 - Kingfisher KI6610 Optical Microscope 200x, 2.5mm Universal

Kingfisher KI6610 Optical Microscope 200x, 2.5mm Universal

List Price: $714.64
(You save $16.80 )


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The perfect tool for checking un-mated fiber optic connectors for dirt, end face quality and patch lead continuity. High quality construction & helpful features will improve the performance of all technical staff in portable or desktop applications. x200 magnification combined with excellent resolving power, is ideal for typical single mode and multimode pass/fail fiber inspection, since if a feature is large enough to see, then it is large enough to matter, which minimizes training.

Product Features

  • Best image quality & ease of use
  • 200x magnification for SM, MM, MPO
  • Optional alternative eyepiece for x100 magnification, option OPT690.
  • Greatly improved eye safety: Class 3B laser eye safety
  • Range of Fiber connector adapters
  • Easy focus & image centring
  • Long alkaline battery life or external power
  • Video capture option
  • Stabilized illumination with timer
  • Lanyard and tripod mounts
  • Coaxial, oblique or core illumination
  • QA report with ISO 9001 traceable eye safety test
  • Video capture option using digital eyepiece option OPT684
  • Optional alternative Eyepiece for x100 magnification, option OPT690

Range of fiber connector adapters available 


KI6610 specifications
Optical magnification x200
Resolving power 0.615 µm
Max viewable area diameter 1 mm
General FiberSafe Microscope KI 6610 Series specifications
Max eye safety input limit (IEC60825-2 Ed.3.1) 20 dBm (@ 635 ~ 800 nm) / 30 dBm (@ 800 ~1650 nm)
Illumination modes Coaxial, oblique, core
Damage level 30 dBm
Power Battery / External power via USB
Battery 1x AAA (LR03) Alkaline
Battery life 300 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6608 & KI6610) / 75 hours (coaxial illumination for KI6611)
Auto off When powered by battery
Size 184.4 mm x 49.3 mm
Unit weight 0.21 kg
Shipping weight 1.5 kg
Illuminating LED's life 100,000 hours
Operating / storage temperature -15 to 55°C / -25 to 70°C
Eyepiece Mount 23.2 mm diameter push-in (standard mount)
Fiber Adaptor Mount 1-1/2" UN 28 TPI 2A Thread
Relative humidity 95%
Warranty 3 years
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