12-Strand AFL In/Outdoor Tight Buffered Cable OFNR Riser Giga-link 300 MM Fiber 62.5/125



26.00 LBS

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AFL has re-designed their Indoor/Outdoor Riser Tight Buffered Cables. Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered cables are specified for campus network cabling between buildings where interbuilding lengths are short enough that the installer can recognize savings from the lower costs of terminating tight buffered cables.

For Indoor applications the cable is OFNR listed. For Outdoor applications the cable is manufactured with an outer jacket that incorporates a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun plus an anti-fungus protection for use in underground applications.

Note: This item may require 24 hours for cut and prep before shipping.

  • Cable Type:
    • Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered Cable
  • Part Number:
    • Riser
      • KP0065551001
  • Fiber Count:
    • 6
  • Nominal Diameter:
    • Inches:0.22(5.5)
  • Weight:
    • Riser:
      • Lbs/ 1000ft (kg/km): 22(33)
  • Tension:
    • Lbs (n):
      • Installation: 243(1082)
      • Long Term: 121(541
  • Bending Radius:
    • Inches (cm):
      • Installation:4.3(11.0)
      • Long Term: 2.2(5.5)
  • Temperature Range:
    • Operating/ Installation: -20°C to +70°C/ 0°C to +70°C
    • Storage: -40°c to+75°c

    What's New

    • These new designs meet or exceed GR-409 and ICEA-S-104-696
    • Customers benefit from a more compact, lighter weight and more robust Indoor/Outdoor Cable
    • AFL offers I/O cable designs from 2-24 tight buffered fibers.
    • Higher performance equals better value over previous designs


    • Cables are water blocked and meet water penetration requirements of GR-20-CORE (which helps ensure that any damage to cable is restricted to a repairable length of several meters and minimizes the likelihood of having to replace the entire cable in the case of backhoe damage)
    • Outer jacket is moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and UV-resistant for Outdoor use
    • With a Riser rating, this cable can be used in all environments: Riser, general inside plant and outside plant