Laser OWL 1310 SM laser source



2.00 LBS

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The Laser OWL 1310 is a cost effective, compact, handheld laser light source. The temperature compensated outputs are calibrated to couple -10dBm of optical power into singlemode fiber. The light source is offered with a single 1310nm laser installed, and can be easily upgraded to include a 1550nm source.

Laser OWL 1310 Features

  • The source is simple to operate with an intuitive 2-button interface
  • One button controlling power and the other for selecting output wavelength
  • LED indicators highlight the selected source
  • Maintain the calibrated output power


  • Battery power is sufficient
  • Extended battery life- up to 30 hours on one 9v battery
  • NIST traceable
  • Initial accuracy: +/-.dB @ 25 C