Managed 24-Port Stackable L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 4 SFPs and 24 PoE+ PSE Ports

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Managed 24-Port Stackable L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 4 SFPs and 24 PoE+ PSE Ports

List Price: $1,798.60
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KGS-2423 - Managed 24-Port Stackable L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 4 SFPs and 24 PoE+ PSE Ports

Managed 24-Port Stackable L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 4 SFPs and 24 PoE+ PSE Ports

List Price: $1,798.60
(You save $719.44 )

The managed 24-port Stackable Gigabit Ethernet Switches are standard L2 switches that meets all IEEE 802.3/u/x/z Gigabit, Fast Ethernet specifications. The switch has 20 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports and 4 combo ports with four additional Gigabit SFP slots. The SFP slots support standard SFP fiber optical transceivers for fiber optic application.

To expand the number of the connected users, the switch provides two 5G stack ports for cascading more than one switch together. Up to five switches are allowed to cascade as one single switch stack that is able to support 120 users and 20 fiber connections. The stack can also be managed with a single IP address and as a single entity for greater management simplicity. For more and more Power over Ethernet applications, the switch provides optional PoE function on all copper ports. With PoE function, the ports can deliver power to the connected powered devices over Cat.5.

The switches support Telnet CLI, Web GUI, SNMP and console CLI interface for switch stack management. The network administrator can logon the switch to monitor and configure port operating mode, Quality of Service, and powerful L2 switching functions such as VLAN, IGMP, RSTP etc. In addition, the switches are also featured with powerful security functions such as SSH, HTTPS, IEEE 802.1x & MAC-based authentication, and ACL control to make them suitable for office core applications.

Key Features:
Provides 24 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 and four Gigabit SFP slots (4 combo ports)
Provides optional 24 802.3af and 802.3at compliant PoE/PoE+ PSE ports
Provides two 5G stack ports for stacking multiple switches and single point of management
All copper ports support auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDI-X detection
The SFP slots support 1000BASE-X SFP transceivers
Supports Gigabit full wire speed forwarding
Supports power saving mode when port link up or down.
Supports 802.3x flow control for full-duplex and backpressure for half-duplex
Supports console and in-band Web/Telnet/SSH/HTTPS/SNMP/CLI interfaces for stack switch management with single IP
Supports configurable maximum frame length from 1518 up to 9600 jumbo frame
Supports port-based ,802.1Q tag-based VLAN and private VLAN
Provides QoS function
Supports port bandwidth control for ingress and egress
Supports packets storm control function for broadcast, unicast and multicast
Supports MAC address learning, ageing and filtering control
Supports static and LACP port link aggregation
Supports IEEE 802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1s STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), RSTP, MSTP
Provides port mirroring function
Supports IPv6 configuration
Provides IP Multicasting with IGMP snooping function
Supports DHCP client for dynamic IP configuration
Provides DHCP snooping and relay function
Supports 802.1X port-based radius authentication for access security
Provides ACL filtering function
Provides port data rate control function
Supports SNTP Client
Supports LLDP
Provides SNMP v1/v2C/v3 agent and event trap function
Supports Configuration download and upload
Supports SFP with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring DDM support
Supports Green Ethernet power saving
Both AC powered model and DC powered model are available for choice

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