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MARS Cartridge - 750M

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Weight: 28 lbs

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Description:MARS Cartridge - 750M
Item #:ACD-0750-X-X-X

Introducing Optical Cable Corporation’s MARS™ Cartridge System, another accessory member of Modular Advanced Reel System specifically designed for fiber optic cable. The MARS Cartridge System offers the most advanced, self contained fiber optic reeling system for broadcast, military or deployable communication environments.

MARS reels are designed to inter-operate across a full family of reel accessories. The MARS Cartridge system employs many of the same cradle features found in the MARS Cradle system (reel release knob and roller reels), allowing multiple reels to be exchanged within one platform.

Product Features

  • Self enclosed metal case eliminates the need for shipping containers
  • Gravity latch lid which automatically holds the open lid in upright position
  • Flip lid/tote handle and wheeled luggage capability allow for easy transport of cartridge system through airports, stages and other venues
  • Reel roller elements and release knob allow reels to be interchanged or removed from cartridge
  • Stackability/inter-lock feature allows easy storage and transport of multiple cartridge systems. The wheels and floor mounts protrude into the lid to form an inter-locking system. A lock pin is used to interlock two or more cartridges together and they are designed to sustain 600 lbs of cargo
  • Built in tool box stores critical tools and fixtures during transport


Specification Parameter Range
Temperature-humidity cycling EIA/TIA-455-5C, 240 hrs -40°C to 85°C, 95% RH
Storage testing EIA/TIA-455-5C -40°C to 85°C
Vibration Frequency = 10 to 33Hz, Amplitude = horizontal 0.020", vertical = 0.030" Duration = 6 hours
Drop Test 3.5 ft. drop onto concrete floor, full load 3 sides

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