MARS® Reel Acquisition Cradle



20.00 LBS

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MARS® Reel Acquisition Cradle

  • Cradle allows reels to spin for deployment and retrieval without additional frame
  • Retractable handle on reel fully accessible for reeling
  • Straps secure reel in place during transit to prevent damage or shifting
  • Full access to both tether end of cable and main end
  • Reel locks securely to cradle with simple turn of quick connect coupling
  • Can be mounted independently to a surface or mounted into transit cases


  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Military Tactical Deployments
  • Broadcast
  • Emergency Restoration and Deployable Communications


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Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
ARN-0300-Y Reel acquisition cradle for 300M reel n/a n/a  
ARN-0500-Y Reel acquisition cradle for 500M reel n/a n/a  
ARN-0750-Y Reel acquisition cradle for 750M reel n/a n/a  
ARN-1000-Y Reel acquisition cradle for 1000M reel n/a n/a  

Replace "Y" with color code: B = black, G = green, T = desert tan.

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