EasyCheck 400X Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (MTP/MPO)

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EasyCheck 400X Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (MTP/MPO)

EC400KD V2
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EasyCheck EC400KD Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (MTP/MPO)

EasyCheck 400X Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (MTP/MPO)

List Price: $999.99
(You save $54.07 )

EasyCheck EC400KD V2 Digital Fiber Endface Inspector

  • Comes with 1 each MPO/PC & MPO/APC Connector Adapters
  • Optional MPO Adapters are available
  • Digital solution with high image resolution and low noise
  • Stable performance, good consistency, low failure rate
  • Stored images clearer
  • Support SD card, U disk and network transmission
  • Inspect female connectors with Dimension's EasyGet Digital probe
  • More accessibility features
  • Multiple magnifications, 400X

Product Details

EasyCheck V2 is a Digital Fiber Endface Inspector developed by Dimension , which adopts the digital solution to upgrade the software and hardware of EasyCheck series products. EasyCheck V2 has improved image resolution and reduced noise; stable performance and reduced failure rate; support Network transmission, interconnection with  Dimension,s EasyGet Digital handheld fiber probe , scan gun or foot switch, etc.


• All kinds of fiber connectors, transceivers,TOSA/ROSA , etc.

Excellent image quality

EasyCheck V2 adopts the digital imaging solution to improve image resolution and reduce noise, resulting in clearer images and clearer contrast of fiber endface defects.

Good consistency and low failure rate

EasyCheck V2 is upgraded through hardware solutions to ensure consistency between devices, stable performance, and greatly reduces failure rate.

Stored images are clearer

EasyCheck V2 stores the images of the fiber endfaces more clearly.

Support SD card, U disk and network transmission

EasyCheck V2 has images acquisition function and supports multiple storage methods, including SD card, U disk and network transmission storage. the name of the picture can be customized and automatically entered, which can effectively analyze the quality of the stored pictures.

Image input and output

EasyCheck V2 provides image input and output functions, which can be connected to the HDMI interface display screen to meet the special needs of users; it can be interconnected with EasyGet Digital USB handheld fiber probe to easily inspect various female connectors.

More accessibility features

To meet the operability of production line employees, EasyCheck V2 can be connected to an external code scan gun to automatically enter the product serial numbers, an external foot switch to trigger the image storage, and an external keyboard or a mouse for custom settings, which is more convenient and quick to use.006en.jpg

Interface list

EasyCheck V2 is equipped with a variety of adapter interfaces to inspect various fiber connectors, transceivers, TOSA/ROSA, etc. The following is a list of some common interfaces.



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