QSFP+ / QSFP+, Passive, 56GB (FDR/QDR/DDR/SDR)



1.00 LBS

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The C9494 premium Madison 8 pair passive cable uses QSFP+ (SFF-8436) connector on each end with green pull-tab Ejectors. This cable is used for InfiniBand SDR/DDR/QDR/FDR applications. This cable is RoHS compliant.

Cable Specifications
  • 1 Meter: 30AWG Cable
  • 2 Meter: 30AWG Cable
  • 3 Meter: 28AWG Cable

Product Features

High bandwidth cable compatability information:

Cable Manufacturer SKU
C9494-1M-IB HP 670759-B22
Elpeus CB34134-1

C9494-2M-IB HP 670759-B24
Elpeus CB34134-2

C9494-3M-IB HP 670759-B25
Elpeus CB34134-3