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Functional and Practical. With more people choosing to go with satellite TV service and HD antennas, as well as new digital standards, VMP offers a complete line of mounts, shelves, and brackets suitable for roof, gable, wall, and chimney installations. Ease of installation and safety are vital, so VMP makes utilizing these pieces of hardware as easy as an HD broadcast is easy on the eyes. All VMP satellite and antenna mounting accessories provide installation strength and durability for lasting reliability and peace-of-mind.

  • WB-6 - 6" Wall Mount - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    Video Mount Products

    6" Wall Mount - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    List Price: $38.95

    The WB-6 are antenna mast holders to mount on a wall. Providing a 6 clearance to the antenna mast, the WB-6 are a good way to mount your antenna and keep it stable. Product Features "U" bolt mast holder with 6" clearance Accommodates 1.25" to 1.66"...

  • TR-36- - Antenna Masting - Heavy Duty Tripod

    Video Mount Products

    Antenna Mast - Heavy Duty Tripod

    MSRP: $86.95 - $112.95
    $56.00 - $86.40

    The TR-Series is a heavy duty tripod for antenna masting. With installer friendly front facing feet, pitch pad kits and mast support to keep the bottom of the mast off the roofing surface if you so desire, the TR-Series secure and easy way to mount your...

  • SM-1 - Siding Mount - DBS Dish Mount

    Video Mount Products

    Siding Mount - DBS Dish Mount

    List Price: $18.95

    VMP's SM-1 is a siding mount for DBS dishes. Its nesting design allows the SM-1 to create a stable flat surface to mount the footplate of a DBS dish. Features: Accommodates the mounting of a DBS dish on house siding Creates a flat mounting platform...

  • PROMT12LCABE - Procyon Fiber Module, Multimode 50/125 OM4, 12-Fiber, MTP/MPO-LC Duplex

    Video Mount Products

    Non-Penetrating Pitched Roof Mount

    List Price: $223.95

    If you are unable to mount your DBS dish directly to the roof, then the PRM-2 Non-Penetrating Pitched Roof Mount is just what you need. This strong, durable mount is very simple to install, and comes with an adjustable mounting plate for perfect...

  • P-6 - Vent Pipe Mount - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    Video Mount Products

    Vent Pipe Mount - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    List Price: $38.95

    The VMP P-6 are a pair of mounting attachments for vent pipes that work with both antenna and DBS pipes. These attachments are an ideal purchase for heavy-duty DBS/antenna pipe mounting support. Features: Mounting attachment for vent pipes 2.75" to 5" O...

  • GU-3 - Swivel Wall Bracket - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    Video Mount Products

    Swivel Wall Bracket - Antenna/DBS Pipe Mount

    List Price: $32.95

    The GU-3 is a heavy duty swivel wall bracket to hold antenna and DBS pipes. With the VMP name behind it, you can be sure the GU-3 will stand the test of time. Features: Wall bracket mounts antenna or DBS pipe 3 off wall Accommodates 1.25 to 3 antenna or...

  • GEM-4060 - Adjustable Gable End Antenna Mount

    Video Mount Products

    Adjustable Gable End Antenna Mount

    List Price: $71.95

    Adjustable Gable End Antenna Mount The VMP GEM-4060 is a gable end mount for off air antennas. The bottom portion of the GEM-4060 is adjustable allowing you to secure further down the antenna to provide more stability. Features: Mounting bracket adjusts...

  • FRM-125- - Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

    Video Mount Products

    Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, VMP

    MSRP: $195.78 - $204.29
    $147.20 - $153.60

    Non-Penetrating Roof Mount, VMP The FRM-Series from VMP are a group of non-penetrating roof mounts for DBS, off air antenna, satellite internet systems and surveillance cameras. Using standard 8 x 8 x 16 cinderblocks as ballast the FRM-Series provides a...


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