Yellow Jacket® 2.25 Inch 3-Channel AMS Accessibility Ramps Kit

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Yellow Jacket® 2.25 Inch 3-Channel AMS Accessibility Ramps Kit

List Price: $1,660.00
(You save $49.47 )
226.00 LBS
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WSA-225-KIT1-HS - 3-Channel AMS Accessibility Ramps Kit 1

Yellow Jacket® 2.25 Inch 3-Channel AMS Accessibility Ramps Kit

List Price: $1,660.00
(You save $49.47 )

The WASP® (Walkway Access for Special Purposes) AMS® (Advanced Modular System) is the next generation in special access ramps for cable protector systems. Yellow Jacket, Inc. introduced the first ADA compatible access ramps for cable protectors with the WASP Dropover. With the WASP AMS Yellow Jacket once again sets the standards in cable protection systems. The innovative WASP AMS provides BarrierFree AMS™ access for all users, expandability to form extra wide ramps and a highly stable system through its use of proprietary Hipersnap® locking devices.

WASP AMS’s are compatible with Yellow Jacket® Classic, Bumble Bee®, Yellow Jacket® AMS® and other cable protectors that use a dog bone connector.


  • 2 YJAMS Center Sections (Advanced Modular System)
  • 2 WASP ADA Ramps
  • 4 ZERO Taper Ramps
  • 2 Interconnects Converts from Hour Glass to Dog Bone

Product Features

Easy Access for Wheelchairs, Carts and Forklifts 4.8 degree ramps allow easy access for wheelchairs, carts and dollies Rugged enough to handle forklift traffic Slip resistant surface provides traction for pedestrians, forklifts, wheelchairs, golf carts and other carts with small wheels Fully ADA Compatible The WASP® AMS® is fully compatible with all ADA guidelines including ramp angle, avenues of approach, slip resistance and non conductivity. It displays the universally recognized ADA symbol. BarrierFree Access The unique tapered side ramps (patent pending) of the WASP AMS provides BarrierFree AMS access from all avenues of approach. This innovation: Reduces trip hazards by eliminating side rails and completely enclosing all connectors Provides a wide angle of approach for pedestrians, carts and forklifts Easy to Assemble and Load Ramps snap quickly into place with Hipersnap® locking devices Center sections open for easy top loading of cables, lines and hoses Expandable, Extremely Stable Ramp System Connect several WASP AMSs together to form a ramp of any width or length Add more center sections to accommodate an unlimited number of cables Ramps lock directly into the center section with Hipersnap® locking devices Highly Visible, Well Marked Ramps WASP® AMS®'s are the only special access ramps made in high visibility yellow with blue side ramps Each ramp incorporates the universally recognized ADA symbol Compatible with Broad Range of Cable Protector Systems The WASP® AMS® is compatible with the following cable protector systems: Directly interfaces to the Yellow Jacket® AMS® Compatible with the Yellow Jacket® Classic (YJ5-125), Bumble Bee (BB5-125) and other 5 channel cable protector systems that use the dog bone connector.* Requires a Yellow Jacket AMS Interconnect.™ Extremely Durable Made from high strength, cast molded polyurethanes using Yellow Jacket, Inc.s proprietary Castathane® process. These materials have been proven in over 20 years of use. Available in extra heavy-duty Durathane®, or extreme heavy-duty Hiperthane®. Resistant to oil and solvents *dog bone connector was designed by Yellow Jacket, Incs parent corporation and is licensed to other manufacturers.


Load Capacity: 14,210 lbs./Tire, 28,420 lbs./Axle

Kit 1 - Includes:

  • 2 ramps
  • 4 blue side ramps
  • 2 AMS center sections
A: Length 71.25 in.
B: Width 77.87 in.
C: Height 3 in.
Weight 290.4 lbs.
Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Benzyl Butyl Phthalate (BBP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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