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If you're looking for fiber optic products to optimize high-quality data communication connectivity solutions for your company or business, make Cables Plus USA your fiber optic products supplier today. Cables Plus USA offers fiber cables of all types for building, testing and maintaining your networking infrastructure. We carry a vast selection of fiber optic products including bulk fiber cables and have an extensive selection of tools and products to optimize your fiber cable management and protection capabilities. You can also upgrade your current fiber optic setup with a high-density solution specifically designed for ease of installation and economy of space.

HD8² High-Density Fiber Optic Deployment Solution


The HD8² High-Density Fiber Optic Deployment Solution is a cost effective ease of use patching system that will work in your overall data center design, or it can be used as a rapid deployment for temporary needs. The ease and flexibility with which this product can be deployed provides a low cost point making it the best value patching system on the market today.

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Quality fiber optic cables, high density data center solutions, custom cables, Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6a ethernet, bulk fiber optics, cable protection and more!

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

The highest quality Multimode and Singlemode 9/125, 10 Gig 50/125, 62.5/125 micron duplex fiber patch cables with a variety of fiber optic connectors and length options including ST, SC, & LC.

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MTP MPO High Density Fiber Optic Solutions

We offer MTP fiber optic cable solutions that meet the ever-growing bandwidth and space-efficiency demands of the data center and telecommunications office.

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Custom MTP MPO Cable Builder

With almost unlimited options we can create most any cable for interconnect applications that are terminated, polished and tested right here in the USA.

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Bulk Fiber Optic Cable

Our products range from tight buffer and armored products for military applications to loose tube and hybrid cables for communications network applications.

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Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a patch cables are available for a wide array of networking applications ranging from Gigabit Ethernet to 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

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Tactical Military Fiber Optic Cables

TFOCA is an acronym for Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly. The nomenclature identifies the cable assembly as being suitable for military use in harsh environments.

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Industries Served

We dedicate ourselves to providing industries that require an efficient networking infrastructure with high-quality fiber cables and networking solutions at the best value to maximize data management and networking capabilities. Whether you're a small business looking to set up your new office network connection or a densely packed data center looking to optimize your efficiency, Cables Plus USA has cost-effective, high-quality networking and fiber optic products suited for you. We also can quickly meet the needs of government and military complexes, oil, gas and mining companies and even broadcast and media industries with industry-specific fiber optic products.

Your Best Option for Fiber Optic Supply

Cables Plus USA sources all of our networking and fiber optic cable wholesale products from our international network of 25+ manufacturers, allowing us to supply our customers with high-quality networking, ethernet and fiber optic products with the greatest cost savings. We carry a massive inventory to fit your needs and give you the option to build custom fiber optic MTP cables and cable assemblies with our custom fiber cable solutions. Order our excellent network, ethernet and fiber cables now to upgrade your industry's capabilities, or contact us today with any questions you may have about our company or our products.