7104 - IBC Brand Fiber Optic Cleaning Tool - MTP/MPO Connectors

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The US Conec IBC Brand Cleaning tools for multifiber connections are the first dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean MT ferrule based connectors placed in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The cleaning tools effectively remove contaminants from both flat multimode and angled polished singlemode ferrule end faces.

  • 600 cleaning per unit
  • Cleans MTP and generic MPO connectors
  • Cleans male (with guide pins) and female MT ferrules
  • Cleans connectors loaded in a bulkhead adapter and on unmated cable assemblies
  • Cleans multimode (flat) and singlemode (8° angled) MT ferrules
  • RoHS compliant


  • Cleaning cloth made from high density woven micro fibers
  • Cleaning cloth is washed and debris free
  • Adapter tip doubles as dust protection


  • Cleans both male and female MT ferrule based connectors
  • 600+ cleanings per unit
  • Adapter tip is supplied with 7104 for cleaning unmated MPO style connectors