Fiber Optic Cable Guides & ReviewsHere you will find a comprehensive list of Fiber Optic Cable Guides, References and Information. If you are new to fiber optics, or just need assistance selecting an item with the correct specifications for your application, Cables Plus offers this growing knowledge base for your convenience to aid in finding what you are looking for.

The information below will help you better understand the difference in fiber connector and glass types, and how they affect speed, accuracy and connectivity quality. These guides can also assist in the installation process, giving you the guidance you need to know how and where to install, depending on the type of cable you need. If you need further assistance, you can contact Cables Plus USA for more.


MTP® Brand MPO Polarity Methods vs. Cable Types
Understand multi-fiber connector basics & terminology and differentiate between polarity “Types” & “Methods” of MTP cable polarity.

Custom MTP / MPO Cable Option Reference GuideCustom MTP / MPO Cable Option Reference Guide
Here you will find descriptions and illustrations of the available options for custom MTP/MPO cables.
Fiber Optic Cable ConstructionFiber Optic Cable Construction
Get a better understanding about the different components involved in fiber optic cable construction.
  Fiber Optic Glossary of TermsFiber Optic Glossary of Terms
The fiber optic glossary of terms is a full, comprehensive list of words and acronyms associated with fiber optics.
Fiber Optic Connector PolishingFiber Optic Connector Polishing
This fiber optic connector polish information guide will help you understand the different types of polishes, and how they affect reflection loss.
  About Fiber Optic CableAbout Fiber Optic Cable
This review covers every aspect of the history and evolution of fiber optics from the beginning, up to the present day.
Fiber Optic Cable CharacteristicsFiber Optic Cable Characteristics
Learn in-depth information about the history, structure, applications and advantages associated with fiber optic cable.
  Fiber Optic Cable Glass TypesFiber Optic Cable Glass Types
This guide will assist in distinguishing different fiber optic cable glass types, between singlemode and the various multimode glass types.
RoHS ComplianceRoHS Compliance
The RoHS Directive restricting the use of certain substances in the manufacturer of electronics.
  16 Gbps Fibre Channel Benefits16 Gbps Fibre Channel Benefits
The latest speed developed by the T11 technical committee that defines Fibre Channel interfaces.
Polyethylene Pipe HandbookPolyethylene Pipe Handbook
Learn how PE piping, has been successfully utilized for a variety of piping applications for over 50 years.
  Fiber Selection GuideFiber Selection Guide
A Peel-n-Place Fiber Optic Selection Guide comes with every order from Cables Plus USA.
GBIC BasicsGBIC Basics
Use this guide to learn the basics of GBIC, routers, switches, and connection types.
  Fiber Optic Aerial Connection GuideFiber Optic Aerial Connection Guide
This guide contains typical aerial connection methods for running fiber optic cable.
Plenum vs. Non Plenum Fiber Optic Cable RatingsPlenum vs. Non Plenum Fiber Optic Cable Ratings
Plenum, Riser, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and General Purpose cable ratings.
  OM3 vs OM4 Fiber Optic CableOM3 vs OM4 Fiber Optic Cable
Use this guide for a better understanding of OM3 and OM4 fiber optics before you buy.
NEC Cable Fire Ratings GuideNEC Cable Fire Ratings Guide
Learn about fire ratings to ensure you are purchasing the proper cable type for your application.
  RJ45 Color & Wiring Guide DiagramsRJ45 Color & Wiring Guide Diagrams
The information listed here is to assist Network Administrators in the color coding of Ethernet cables.
Fiber Optic Cable GuideFiber Optic Cable Guide
A guide to all standard and MTP fiber optics, including glass types, connector styles and cable specs.
  Easy Fiber Optic InstallationEasy Fiber Optic Installation
Learn about easy fiber optic installation with the MTP plug-and-play solution here. Save time and energy.
Fiber Channel Cable Assembly GuideFiber Channel Cable Assembly Guide
A quick guide featuring information about fiber channel cable assembly information, testing methods and options.
  Thread Identification & Measurement ProceduresThread Identification & Measurement Procedures
This guide reviews the methods, tools and procedures employed to identify unknown threads.

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