Kingfisher KI2800 Series Hand Held Fiber Sources

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The KI 2800 Series LED & Laser Source is a general purpose test source for multimode & single mode systems. Typical applications include fiber optic attenuation measurement, continuity testing, polarity testing and fiber identification on critical systems.

Model Included Items
KI2803 Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED
KI2822 Instrument, Source 1310-1550nm Laser
KI28622 Instrument, Source 1310-155 nm Laser + VisiTest
KI28603 Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED + VisiTest
KI2824 Instrument, Source 850-130 nm LED, 1310-1550nm Laser
KI2824-APC Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED, 1310-1550nm Laser APC
KI28624 Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED, 1310-1550nm Laser + VisiTest
KI28624-APC Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED, 1310-1550nm Laser + VisiTest APC
KI28634 Instrument, Source 850-1300nm LED + VisiTest, 1310-1550nm Laser + VisiTest
KI28010-APC Instrument, Source 1310-1550-1625nm Laser APC
KI28610-APC Instrument, Source 1310-1550-1625nm Laser + VisiTest APC

Product Features

  • Easy to use, rugged & versatile
  • Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail, metal free
  • Superior re-connection repeatability, < 0.1 dB
  • Unique and useful VisiTest VFL option
  • Long battery life with micro USB external power / charger
  • Autotest & Multi-Fiber ID Tone generator
  • Custom options with 1 - 6 LEDs / lasers & 1 - 3 connectors
  • 3 year warranty and calibration cycle
  • Matching Autotest Power Meter with Memory & Reporting Software
  • Matching Test Kits