MTP® High-Density Data Center Fiber Solutions

Innovative MTP Fiber Patch Cable Solutions

MTP/MPO fiber optic cables and cassettes take their name from the MT connector which was designed and introduced as a higher performance version of the MPO connector. MTP fiber patch cable products are truly innovative for a variety of reasons. Each MTP connector contains 12 fibers or six duplex channels while being smaller than most duplex connections that are currently in use. A 72-fiber trunk cable can be terminated with six MTP connectors — manufactured specifically for multi-fiber loose tube or ribbon cable. As the demand for high-density fiber optic cable continues to rise across the world, such innovative solutions will be critical to ensuring that offices and home networks stay connected.

Buy MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cables & More

With options like LightWave MTP fiber optics and HD8² High Density Fiber Optic Patching, Cables Plus is your one-stop-shop for high-density fiber optic cable solutions. We have MTP fiber patch cable as well as enclosures and more. Find the exact MTP/MPO fiber optic cables you need in our selection now.



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