AC400 - AutoCheck Intelligent Integrated Endface Inspector

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AC400 - AutoCheck Intelligent Integrated Endface Inspector

List Price: $2,448.00
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AutoCheck Intelligent Integrated Endface Inspector

AC400 - AutoCheck Intelligent Integrated Endface Inspector

List Price: $2,448.00
(You save $272.00 )

AC400 - AutoCheck Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

AutoCheck is the first intelligent integrated fiber end-face inspector developed by Dimension Technology. With the advantages of Dimension image analysis software and high performance embedded system, AutoCheck can identify the tiny defects accurately, conveniently and simply. The fiber end-face inspection complies with IEC standard and customized criteria.

Main Features

  • Automatic Analysis
  • Android Embedded System
  • Build-in IEC criteria
  • WiFi and Ethernet Accessible


  • 2.5mm/PC Ferrule Adaptor
  • 1.25mm/PC Ferrule Adaptor
  • SC/PC Female Adaptor
  • LC/PC Female Adaptor
  • FC/PC Female Adaptor
  • PC Version Software CD
  • Manual

Automatic Analysis

AutoCheck can detect the tiny defects, marks and scratches on the images totally automatically and precisely without human intervention.


Android Embedded System

AutoCheck is a stand-alone Android embedded system. No extra parts are required to perform inspection and reporting. System monitoring and upgrading are convenient and simple.

Pre-set IEC Criteria

AutoCheck offers IEC and customized criteria for fiber optic endface inspection. The latest IEC standard is configured as the default criteria. Just select the criteria as you want, click the Measure button, then you can get the testing results with high accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

Multi Accesses to Testing Result

The testing reports will be saved on SD card or server by wireless or wired internet. It’s convenient to document the testing results for reference in the future. The universal interface design has more capability and compatibility to inspect different connectors and modules.


Intelligent Inspection

AutoCheck can be configured to start the inspection automatically. After the position of fiber endface locked, AutoCheck will focus and center the image automatically, then start the measurement.

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