SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer

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SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer

List Price: $15,328.25
(You save $576.25 )
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30102300001 - SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer

SANA2 Fiber Endface Interferometer

List Price: $15,328.25
(You save $576.25 )

SANA2 is the brand new Manual Focus Fiber End-face Interferometer, inheriting Dimension Technology’s know-how and experiences on Interferometer design. Based on classic SANA series, SANA2 is the first model to integrate auto APC angle tuning, auto measurement and auto reporting functions. The new software design significantly improves the accuracy. The whole testing can be completed in 0.5 second. The brand new structure design ensures the anti-shock capability, as well as the ultra long fixture life time and testing stability.

Main Features

Automatic Measurement;

0~12° APC Angle Auto Tuning;

Auto Centering Images;

Cleave Angle Measurement;

Automatic Measurement

SANA2 is equipped with the locking handle sensing unit to monitor the device locking status. To further simplify the testing process, the instrument can start the measurement once the device to be tested is fully locked. Operator can also click the button aside the locking handle to trigger the measurement.     001.png                                 

Auto Centering Images

SANA 2 has auto centering image function that can find the fiber and makes it to center automatically within one click.No mouse drag or hardware adjustment is needed.


0~12° APC Angle Auto Tuning

Benefit with the unique fixture design, SANA2 can tune the APC angle precisely from 0°to 12°automatically, meeting any special requirement on APC angle setting.

Simple and User Friendly Interfaces and Excellent 3D Images

The software of SANA 2 is simple and user friendly, you can change the language within the software. It provide many endface rebuild method such as 3D, 2D, plot to assist the engineers about the process. The test reports and data are generated automatically for analyzing and tracing.

Cleave Angle Measurement

SANA 2 is able to test cleave angle and many other products.



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