SANA-MINI Portable Fiber Endface Interferometer

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SANA-MINI Portable Fiber Endface Interferometer

List Price: $12,036.50
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SANA-MINI Portable Fiber Endface Interferometer

SANA-MINI Portable Fiber Endface Interferometer

List Price: $12,036.50
(You save $452.50 )

SANA-MINI Portable Fiber Endface Interferometer

SANA mini is a portable, non contact fiber endface interferometer developed by dimension for single fiber connector. The interferometer has a very high performance while the size of the instrument is incredible small. SANA mini need only a USB link to work without any external power supplies. It can test the geometry parameters of single fiber connectors such as radius of curvature, apex offset and fiber height. The data and report are generated in excel format and very helpful in management and analysis. SANA mini is a suitable interferometer for field usage.

Main Features

Portable fiber endface interferometer

1 USB needed to provide data link and power supply

Auto centering fiber

2s need for single measurement 

Bare fiber and bare ferrule measurement

Easy PC /APC changing 

Series of fixtures

Light Weight and Portable Size

Portable Size : L12*W5.3*H8(cm) .Weight: 0.8kg.Elegant Design. USB Connection Only, No Additional Power needed.

Unique Fixtures

Universal 2.5mm fixture and universal 1.25mm are included;2.5mm fixture is able to test FC/PC、SC/PC、ST/PC、E2000/PC、DIN、FC/APC、SC/APC;1.25mm fixture is able to test LC/PC、MU/PC、LC/APC;Changing between PC and APC is very easy.

Easy to Operate

The focus handle and product is at the same side and very easy to operate.SANA MINI has the same interface as SANA.No need to change operation habit.
SANA MINI needs only a press to change between PC&APC measurement.

User Friendly Interface and Excellent 3D Image

SANA mini fiber endface interferometer has a software that is easy to operate and user friendly. It can change the language just in the software and has real 3D rebuilding functions. User can analyze the situation of the endface by 3D images. The plot picture and roughness picture are also provided to assist the engineers to adjust the process.The test report and data of the test are also generated automatically for analysis and tracing.


Strong Testing Ability

Based on the hardware and software platform, SANA MINI can accurately measure and re-build the 3D profile of Fiber connectors. SANA MINI is certified by Telcordia for the accurate and reliable geometric measurement.


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