Fiber Cables - Singlemode OS2

CablesPlus USA offers fiber optic cables designed meet your standards for managing your telecommunications or data center operations with the best possible efficiency. Our LightWave Singlemode fiber optic patch cables are constructed using Corning® SMF-28e+® 9/125 OS2 optical fibers, the industry leading optical fiber for Singlemode patch cabling solutions, and is G.652.D-compliant. OS1 fiber is tight buffered for increased ruggedness to minimize damage during handling. Choose from a selection of connectors including ST, SC, LC and FC. Perfect for transmitting data across long distances, our LightWave Singlemode fiber optic cables allow for a 1 Gigabit Ethernet transmission distance of 10,000 meters at a 1310nm wavelength, or a 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission distance of 5,000 meters at 1310nm and 30,000 meters at 1550nm. As always, all LightWave brand cables are tested to ensure quality, and test results for each cable are included with your order.



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