Power Cord, C14 to C13, 18/3 AWG, 10Amp, 250V SVT Jacket, Green, 2 Foot



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18 AWG, 250V, SVT Jacket, IEC60320 C14 to IEC60320 C13

C14 (Male) to C13 (Female) Data Center Grade power cord is the most common used jumper cord between computers and peripherals to a PDU in a data center rack or cabinet. This UL Listed cable is rated for 10 amps at 250V using 18AWG/3 wire cord in a very pliable SVT jacket. Cords are shipped coiled and ready for installation, No kinked cords.

Are you over over paying for 15 amp cords - most devices requiring C14 to C13 power cords draw less than 10 amps. Consult your owners manual specifications to confirm a 10 amp cord is more than sufficient and save.

Keeping the length of cords to a minimum can avoid contact with Ethernet cables, improve airflow, and also save money by reducing the power lost over longer cords.