EasyCheck EC400KD Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (MTP/MPO)



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The EasyCheck EC400KD Fiber Optic MTP End-face Inspector features a continuous variable zoom ratio, manual focusing, X and Y-axis adjustable function and 400x zoom capability.

EasyCheck combines a compact design with enhanced functionality. Replacing the traditional combination of a microscope and monitor, users can simply connect power and begin operation. EasyCheck helps you save time and space, and improve productivity. Advanced coaxial illumination permits easy detection of fine defects on the end-face of the fiber connector. The conjunction with a dust-proof, high-resolution image sensor, an 8" black-and-white digital TFT display clearly shows all details of the fiber end-face.

EasyCheck is equipped with MTP/MPO/MPO precision tips for inspection of cables with or without housings. The high concentricity provides an ideally centered image when installing different tips. The ceramic casing tips have nearly infinite life and the image will not deviate from center due to extended use. The fiber End-face image can be captured at any time and stored on a standard SD flash memory card.

Included Items:

  • EasyCheck Fiber Optic End-face Inspector
  • (2) MTP/MPO Precision Connector Inspection Tips
    • EC400-MPO-C (MPO/PC Connector)
    • EC400-MPO-APC-C (MPO/APC Connector)
  • 2G SD Storage Card
  • Main DC 12V Power Supply
  • Instruction Book
Item Parameters
Magnification 400X
Output Format Analog PAL
CCD Resolution 1/3” 625 Line CCD
Input Signal RCA
Output Signal RCA
Focus Manual
Power Consumption 3W
Work Temperature +10~55℃
Storage Temperature 0~55℃
Easyget input Yes
Monitor 8” TFT 800*600
Power Supply DC 12V
Volume 270*245*155mm
Weight 1.6kg