Kingfisher KI-TK082 Complete Fiber Testing Kit, Pocket, SM & MM 9000 - 600/1700 nm

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Kingfisher KI-TK082 Complete Fiber Testing Kit, Pocket, SM & MM 9000 - 600/1700 nm

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Kingfisher 9000 series

Kingfisher KI-TK082 Complete Fiber Testing Kit, Pocket, SM & MM 9000 - 600/1700 nm

List Price: $2,216.34
(You save $121.89 )


A fiber optic testing, inspection and cleaning kit, superb for low to modest transmission test volume on MM and SM systems.

Typical test, inspection & cleaning applications

  • Optical power at 8 calibrated λ, -60 to +10 dBm range.
  • Optical loss, using transmission equipment as the test source.
  • Reporting software for cable loss (manual data entry).
  • Oprtical continuity testing using the visible fault locator pen.
  • Optical connector end-face inspection microscope x200.
  • Optical connector cleaning tools & materials.
  • Generally meets safety regulations & standards based test procedures.

For connector with APC polish, add 1 or more microscope adapter with specific connector type (LC, SC, FC, E2000) to your kit.

Connector & battery summary

SC & LC interchangeable connector adapters.
Meter accepts PC & APC polish.
Microscope accepts SC, LC and most 2.5 or 1.25 mm PC ferrules. Also OK for occasional APC use.
VFL accepts most 2.5 mm PC/APC connectors.

Meter 2 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hours.
Microscope 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >300 hr. Micro-USB power.
VFL 1 x AAA alkaline. Run time >40 hours.

We gladly adjust kits to meet your exact needs.

In the Box


Pocket Fiber Optic Power Meter KI 9600A-InGaAs

  • Simple shirt-pocket size power meter
  • InGaAs detector
  • Ideal for transmission installers
Calibration Certificate ILAC/NATA Compliant
Quality Assurance Certificate
Quick Reference Guide QRG
SC/SC Through Connector OPT046
Wrist Strap / Lanyard

FiberSafe Microscope KI6610

  • 200x microscope for inspection of SM, MM, and MPO networks
  • Best quality, image & eye safety
  • Wide range of interchangeable adaptors
2.5 mm Universal Connector Adapter for KI6610 Series Microscope. OPT681
Instrument User Manual
Quality Assurance Certificate
USB Cable (Micro)
Wrist Strap / Lanyard

Visual Fault Locator Pen KI 6358

  • VFL visual fault locator pen
  • Class 1 laser, eye-safe
  • Rugged with AAA batteries
Instrument User Manual

LC Hybrid Connector Adapter OPT076

LC Simplex, metal body


1.25 mm Universal Connector Adapter for KI6610 Series Microscope. OPT682

Universal 1.25 mm PC, Simplex / Duplex and terminus for ruggedised connectors


VFL Adapter 2.5mm Male to 1.25mm Female OPT189

A popular adapter so that a VFL pen with 2.5 mm universal connector can be used with LC / other 1.25mm ferrule connectors


Semi-Rigid Carry Case for Test Kits OPT155

  • Sturdy carry case made of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap.
  • Accommodates any three KI9000 instruments.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Space for additional (not supplied): batteries, mandrel wraps, test leads, connector adaptors, documentation, instruments.
Fiber Connector Cleaner Cartridge TOOL CLEAN-09A
Puffer Brush TOOL BRUSH-01
Stick-type Cleaner 1.25 mm TOOL CLEAN-04
Stick-Type Cleaner 2.5 mm TOOL CLEAN-03
Kingfisher offers a 1 - 3 year warranty depending on the product, refer to the product brochure for details.
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