Soft-Strip® Multi Fiber Ribbon Thermal Stripping Tool (AA Battery Model)

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Soft-Strip® Multi Fiber Ribbon Thermal Stripping Tool (AA Battery Model)

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MS-3B-06-Gxx - Soft-Strip® - Thermal Ribbon Stripper (AA Battery Model)

Soft-Strip® Multi Fiber Ribbon Thermal Stripping Tool (AA Battery Model)

List Price: $285.00
(You save $9.12 )

Soft-Strip® Multi Fiber Ribbon Thermal Stripping Tool (AA Battery Model)

List Price: $285.00
(You save $9.12 )

Soft-Strip® Multi Fiber Ribbon Thermal Stripping Tool

Power Type:  (2) AA Battery Model (Batteries Not Included)

Soft-Strip® stripping tools from Micro Electronics strips from 2-12 fiber ribbons quickly and easily. Try the convenient Fiber Stripping Kits containing standard handles with interchangeable cutter blade sets and ribbon guides to strip most ribbon types. Or if you prefer, purchase Soft-Strip® tools individually fitted for the ribbon type you specify with cutter blade set and ribbon guide already installed.

Ribbon Stripping

Thermal stripping tools from Micro Electronics, Inc. utilize the patented non-nicking Soft-Strip® stripping tool system. These precision strippers feature a mini heater oven that heats and softens the coating or buffer being removed to result in a quick, easy and precision strip every time. The Soft-Strip® tools use the same replaceable, interchangeable blade design as our non-thermal tools and the heater oven is also replaceable. Use these unique tools for single (discreet) fibers or for 2-12 fiber ribbon stripping applications.

Select the Fiber Type and receive the Thermal Stripper, Correct Ribbon Guides, and Blade

Thermal Tool Breakdown

A. Handle Assembly

Battery or AC adapter operated, 4 ft. wire leads are connected to either a 6-V battery or AC adapter.

B. Cutter Blade Set

Selected for each ribbon or fiber size. Opposing blades self align around fiber guide to assure concentric scoring scoring and precision-stripped , nick free fiber. Blades travel in a straight line to assure proper allignment. Color coded to match fiber guide lock.

C. Fiber Guide Lock

Holds fiber guide securely in position. Color-coded to match blade sets.

D. Stripping Force

This is applied longitudinally with the fiber. The chance of harmful drag of fiber against to blade is eliminated, even with operator inattention of fatigue.

E. Fiber Guide

Selected for each nominal diameter of unstripped fiber, wire, or ribbon. Wrong size will not fit, assuring that the fiber is properly stripped, and not nicked or damaged.

F. Strip Guide Length

Calibrated in 1/16″ for strip lengths to 3″ (1″ or 2″ is standard).

G. Heater Oven

Heats and softens material to be stripped. Activated when hands are closed. Accommodates 1″, 2″ or 3″ maximum strip length.

H. Spring Assembly

Keep handles apart. In later models, also ejects scrap from heater oven.


Fiber Count / Type Complete Stripper Kit Replacement Guide Replacement Blade Blade Color
4 Fiber / Bonded MS-3B-06-G5 MS3-RT-G5 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
4 Fiber / Encapsulated MS-3B-06-G3 MS3-RT-G3 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
6 Fiber / Bonded MS-3B-06-G10 MS3-RT-G10 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
8 Fiber / Bonded MS-3B-06-G6 MS3-RT-G6 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
8 Fiber / Encapsulated MS-3B-06-G4 MS3-RT-G4 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
10 Fiber / Bonded MS-3B-06-G8 MS3-RT-G8 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
10 Fiber / Encapsulated MS-3B-06-G7 MS3-RT-G7 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
12 Fiber / Bonded & Ribbonized MS-3B-06-G2 MS3-RT-G2 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE
12 Fiber / Encapsulated MS-3B-06-G15 MS3-RT-G15 MS3-RB-06 DARK BLUE

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