Kingfisher KI-TK040 Complete FTTX SM 9000 Fibertester Kit

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1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm Laser Source KI9827-APC.
With standard accessories, eg: SC/APC optical connector, quick reference guide, calibration certificates, conformance certificate.
Many other connector options available including FC, ST, LC etc.
Alternative source with PC connectors available.

Optical Power Meter with InGaAs detector, 9 calibration wavelengths, KI9600-InGaAs.
With standard accessories, eg: SC optical connector, quick reference guide, calibration certificates, conformance certificate.
Available on our web site: user manuals, useful application notes and standards compliant KITS reporting software (manual data entry).
Many other connector options available including FC, ST, LC etc.
(OK with both PC and APC connectors).

Optional Visual Fault Locator
Optional visible fault locator e.g. KI6354 etc as required (OK with both PC and APC connectors).
If you would like a visible fault locator with you kit, please select the right visible fault locator and order separately.
With standard accessories, eg: User manual.

Connector inspection microscope
Fibersafe connector microscope x200 KI6610 with Accessories: 2.5 mm universal PC polish connector adaptor, batteries, user manual, conformance certificate. x400 model available.
Popular optional accessory: OPT680: adaptors for 2.5mm APC, 1.25 mm PC / APC, industry standard adaptor ring.

Case Contents (OPT155)

  • Carry case sturdily constructed of durable custom moulded urethane foam, splash resistant cloth outer covering with zipper, carry strap. Space for additional (not supplied): batteries, mandrel wraps, test leads, connector adaptors, additional documentation. Case can accommodate any three KI9000 style instruments. This case is both sturdy and comfortable to use, and is the same size as the OPT153 "Small FiberTester Kit".
  • Cleaning materials
    Cletop-S type A cartridge connector endface cleaner.
    "stick" type connector endface cleaners 2.5 mm, Qty 5.
    "stick" type connector endface cleaners 1.25 mm, Qty 5.

Product Features

  • Optical power measurement from -60 to +5 dBm, calibrations at 9 wavelengths.
  • Optical loss testing on single mode fiber at 1310 / 1490 / 1550 nm with a range of 56 dB.
  • Kit is optimised for APC connectors (alternative PC connectors available).
  • Software for cable testing data capture, pass/fail and custom reporting (manual data entry).
  • 12 fiber continuity / tone source & detection up to 50 dB loss using tone features on the source and meter.
  • Visible fault locator pen (order separately as required).
  • Connector end-face inspection microscope x200 (or optional x400 microscope, or optional fiber identifier).
  • Connector cleaning tools & materials for various connector styles.
  • Excellent operational flexibility.


Each kit contains:

  • KI9827-APC Optical Light Source & standard accessories
  • KI9600-InGaAs Optical Power Meter & standard accessories
  • KI6610 Microscope & standard accessories
  • OPT155 Carry case and standard contents