IP-Series MPO Assembly, 12 Fiber, Singlemode 9/125 OS2, Indoor/Outdoor

Item#: IAIA-012R9UN001M-X-S


1.00 LBS

Minimum Qty:  3 ft
Total Footage: 3 ft
Additional Feet:
x 1.38 per/ft
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Introducing the IP-SERIES, an effective and low cost connector for harsh environmental applications.

The IP-Series Connector is designed to exceed the requirements of ODVA, the connectors meet IP 68 environmental sealing ratings and are the ideal choice for a low cost/easy to use solution in Industrial, Fiber to the Antenna (FTTa), or any other harsh environmental applications.
The IP-Series Connector is designed according to the IEC 61076-3-106 interface standard, which allows mating to other similar mechanical locking systems.
Incorporating the IP-Series connector yields exceptionally low insertion loss for Singlemode applications and provides connector color coding options in Multimode applications for differentiation of OM3 or OM4 constructions.


  • Cost effective solution for in house termination
  • IP68 Water immersion and Dust protection for hash environment
  • Wide range of operational temperature for outside plant -40°C/+70 per
  • Wide range of cables to be used, 5-8mm OD cable with two 2.0mm to 3.0mm jacketed subunits
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Intermatable to other Industrial adaptors per IEC 61076-3-106
  • Simple assembly requiring no special tools
  • Durable mechanical mating, minimum of 500 matings