HD8² High Density Fiber Cassettes

The HD8² MTP Cassettes are available in OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, and OS2 glass, 32 to 96 strands, and MTP 8 Fiber to MTP 48 Fiber connectors. HD8² Cassettes are designed for ease of installation and economy of space, so you can get more glass into less space with an HD8² MTP Cassette. Browse below and select a high-density MTP cassette!



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Enhance Your Performance with HD8² MTP Cassette Modules

The new HD8² MTP cassette module system is a high-density, fiber-optic patching system that meets the needs of data centers everywhere. With a streamlined design that deviates from the standard, HD8² cassettes reduce the footprint of data centers by maximizing ports and fiber capabilities. Complete with an internal strain relief ring, economical square design and an external pulling eye cap for easy installation on existing structures, HD8² MTP to MTP cassettes can reduce installation time by up to 75 to 85%. Not to mention, because the HD8² cassette MTP has reduced connection points, your data center will see a significant decrease in dB loss.

HD8² MTP Cassette Modules

HD8² MTP to MTP cassettes are more than their design quality. They also offer incredible performance capability. Standard MTP cassettes can handle at least 100-gigabit applications, and some are even capable of 400-gigabit applications, which is quickly becoming the norm in data centers. HD8² cassettes can easily take on 100 and 400-gigabit applications while also boasting the ability to handle 800-gigabit applications. Data center managers know technology is moving at a breakneck pace. Utilizing HD8² MTP cassette modules allows you to prepare for whatever the future throws at you.

Decrease Your Footprint with HD8² MTP Cassette Modules from Cables Plus USA

Just one HD8² cassette is guaranteed to be able to handle more than the current standard. Ensure you're able to utilize the true potential of your data center by purchasing an HD8² MTP cassette today. Decrease your installation and setup times, boost your performance capability and spend less while doing it with cost-effective HD8² MTP cassette modules from Cables Plus USA today. If you have any questions about our HD8² MTP cassette solutions, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team of experts is standing by and ready to assist you.

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