Kingfisher KI2600 Series Hand Held Fiber Meter

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A fully-featured hand held optical power meter used for testing fiber optic communications sytems.

Superior measurement confidence is achieved through a combination of excellent basic accuracy, intuitive use and rugged reliability.

Opions cover power levels from +33 to -70dBm, all useful wavelengths, many connector styles including duplex/ribbon and large core POF fiber.

The KI 2600 Hand Held Fiber Meter measures absolute or relative light levels and test tones in fiber optic systems.

Autotest provides fast, easy and automatic multi λ(wavelength) loss testing. Up to 3λ are displayed simultaneously, along with the source nominal power level and λ. Any Kingfisher Autotest light source/LTS with matching λ can be used.

The meter displays mW, μW, nW, dB, dBm to 0.01 dB resolution, with no range changing delays. A separate reference for each λ is stored and displayed. Superior high power performance is achieved.

The tight Total Uncertainty specification covers all power levels, temperatures, connectors and fibers, without warm up or user dark current offset.

Interchangeable connectors are dust and drop protected. SC adaptors are supplied, with others available including small formfactor LC styles. Metal free adaptors avoid contamination of connectors in high power systems.

Loss test results can be stored in the large memory, along with a user-input cable name and timestamp. Results can be copied onto a USB memory key with one button push. Alternatively, live readings can be put directly onto a customer report computer using KITS™ customisable Excel-based reporting software. Reports can be easily customized for any terminology, language or format. KITS also provides a one-button file dump to a PC with Windows OS.

When used with Multi-Fiber ID sources, the Multi-Fiber ID tone feature uniquely identifies up to 12 fibers, in addition to common test tones.

The VFL (Visible Fault Locator) option offers simple fault finding and continuity testing.

Flexible power options include a choice of batteries, with a jumper selectable battery charger. External power is via USB.

Product Features

Other Features

  • Connector dust cover flips down as a handy tilt bail during use.
  • Usual Kingfisher arrangement for re-calibration
  • Attractive rubber surround in instrument housing, e.g. a bigger version of the 9000 series.
  • Similar instrument colour-coding, eg power meter = purple / blue
  • Two attachments for lanyard etc

The target customer...

Users who require any of the following will benefit from the 2600 features:

  • Storage and offloading of results
  • Test Automation
  • Ease of use
  • Fibre Identification
  • Interchangeable adaptors
  • High fibre count / multi-wavelength testing
  • Duplex Connectors
  • Long operation on internal power
  • External power
  • Kingfisher optical performance and reliability


Power Meter
Detector Type InGaAs
Captive dust cover Yes
Drop protected port Yes
Detector availability Ge, H, Si
Calibration accuracy ± 0.06 dB (1%)
Display range ± 0.06 dB (1%)
Linear power range ± 0.06 dB (1%)
Range acc. @ 25C see below
Range & temp acc. 0.3 dB +10 to 70 dBm
Damage level 0.3 dB +10 to 70 dBm
Warm-up No warm up
User Zeroing required No
Sensitivity 30nm 0.04 dB
Polarisation sensitivity < 0.005 dB
Actual Calibration 24 wavelengths
Re-calibration cycle 3 years
Fiber type Up to 200 μm
Trade name 'Autotest'
Autotest compatibility with other products All KI7000, KI9000, KI3000 Sources and LTS & Two-Way
Autotest sensitivity -50 dBm
Source Serial No. capture Yes
Distance referencing Yes
Visual Fault Locator Option
Display type Larger custom
Display capability up to 3λ
Sunlight readability Good
Backlight Yes
Tilt Bail Yes
Lanyard mount Yes
Sized for small hands Yes
Tone detection Hz 150 9999 Hz
Multi-Fiber ID tone Yes
Standard connector SC Adaptor
Metal free connector1 Yes
Pass/Fail No
Memory 999 four λ tests, also USB dump
USB key dump Yes
Memory & text Yes
Memory & timestamp Yes
Testing software KITS™ software Easily user modifiable
Software languages 44 languanges
Hold & Max/Min Yes
Display Mode dBm, dB, W
PC interface micro USB
Weight/Volume 420 gm / 698 cc
Battery Options 2 x AA Alkaline / NiMh
Battery life hours 1000 hrs
External Power Yes, via Micro USB
On board charging Yes, user selectable
Automatic power down 10 min after last key push or disabled
Operating temp -15 to 55 °C
Storage temp -25 to 70 ° C
Warranty 3 7 years