Optical power meters are commonly used to measure absolute light power in dBm. For dBm measurement of light transmission power, calibration of fiber optic power meters is essential. A fiber optic power meter is also used with an optical light source for measuring loss or relative power level in dB. Alternatively, some users may prefer an integrated two-way LTS, or a simple LTS. All Kingfisher hand held optical power meters are coloured blue for easy identification, have interchangeable connectors & long battery life, calibration certificates, 3 year warranty & calibration cycle. Kingfisher also offers an optical meter calibration service. Also available in convenient F O Test Kits.
  • Inexpensive, very small, intuitive to use, rugged & reliable
  • 300 hr alkaline battery life
  • High contrast display
  • 2 % accuracy & 9 calibrated λ
  • Options for 400 - 1700 nm, +24 to -70 dBm, SMF, MMF and large core (0.2 - 3 mm) fiber
  • Wavelength Selective version for FTTx / PON / GPON applications

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