Kingfisher Fiber Optic Light Sources

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A fiber optic source is commonly used with a meter to measure optical fiber attenuation or insertion loss. A handheld light source can also be used as a tone generator for use with a clip on identifier, or power meter test tone detector. All Kingfisher optical sources are coloured yellow for easy identification, are compliant with IEC60825 2011 and 21CFR1040.10 Laser & LED Safety Standards, and have a 3 year warranty & calibration cycle. Alternatively, some users may prefer a simple LTS (Loss Test Set), or a Two-Way LTS. LED / Laser source options are available for most fiberoptic applications. Our multimode LED sources feature improved repeatability and standards compliance and come with mandrel wraps to improve modal distribution. Also available in convenient Test Kits. Alternatively see Fault Locators.

All Kingfisher light sources offer superior test stability in practical use. When a test lead is repeatedly re-connected, the coupled power varies by < 0.1 dB.