Kingfisher Tester Kits

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Kingfisher's wide range of dependable FiberTester kits provide optimized fiber optic test equipment kits for Telco, FTTx/FTTh, Utility, LAN, WAN, and industrial applications. Typical test applications include single mode, multimode, PCS and POF fiber, with laser or LED sources, a wide choice of calibration wavelengths and interchangeable connector styles including SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, MPO, LSA/DIN, E2000, 2.5 mm Universal, SMA, D4, HFBR, SMI, Toslink etc

The rugged padded kit cases have a custom moulded interior, which provides good instrument protection whilst also being light and comfortable to carry in the field.

Simple Test Kits Complete Test Kits Bidirectional Test Kits
Series 2000 9000 2000 9000 7300
Singlemode & Multimode KI-TK074 - KI-TK072 KI-TK037 -
Multimode only - KI-TK052 - KI-TK032 -
Singlemode Only (typical 1310nm/1550nm) - KI-TK056 KI-TK073 KI-TK036 KI-TK022A
Singlemode Only (1310nm/1625nm) - - - - KI-TK026
Singlemode Only (1310nm/1550nm/1625nm) - - - - KI-TK027
FTTX - KI-TK060 - KI-TK040 KI-TK021A
MPO / MTP/MPO™ Ribbon Fiber - - KI-TK071A¹ KI-TK033² -

₁Singlemode and Multimode applications
₂Multimode only applications