C14-C13, 14/3, 15AMP, 250V

15A IEC 60320 C14 to C13 Jumper Cords are the "Heavy Duty" version of the 10A C14-C13. With thicker 14AWG cordage, it can handle currents up to 15A. The standard Rack Mount PDU has C13 outlets, which mate with the C14 plug on this jumper cord. Most servers, routers, switches, etc have C14 inlets on the PSU's (Power Supply Units) which mate with the C13 female connector on this jumper cord. Coming in a variety of colors, data centers typically choose a RED power cord for the primary power supply and a BLUE Power cord for the secondary power supply. This allows for easy identification of the primary and secondary power sources and reduces server downtime by decreasing accidental power failure. We stock several standard lengths ranging from 1' to 20'. Standard wire gauge is 14AWG.



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